Friday, January 31, 2020

Calandrino is the main character in Decameron VIII, 3. He is naive, Essay

Calandrino is the main character in Decameron VIII, 3. He is naive, simpleton, and yet a complex character. Discuss in detail what causes his downfall - Essay Example Calandrino’s first downfall was trust. Maso del Saggio’s was described as fortunate and capable of doing most anything. He was not in Caladrino’s circle of friends. Generally even naà ¯ve and simple people like Caladrino have weariness about an individual from a different class or clique. Instead Caladrino bought Maso del Saggio’s outlandish tale of a far off land where there was a wine river and mozzarella mountain. Not only did believe this story, but Calandrino believed the story of heliotropes in the Mugnone valley. The trust in the popular acquaintance was part of what caused his downfall. Not only did Calandrino trust Maso del Saggio, but he placed his trust in two friends named Bruno and Buffalmacco. This trust should have eroded way before the search for the heliotrope. These two friends must have had many laughs at poor Calandrino’s expense, if the three were friends for a long time as the story implied. The friendship was one of two brighter friends and the scapegoat friend. Men like to buddy up with someone that makes them feel more superior. The two friends felt superior at Calandrino’s naivety and simple mindedness, while Calandrino felt superior for hanging out with two smarter guys. Whatever the reason, Calandrino misplaced his trust in these two. Calandrino might have had a trusting nature towards his friends, but not toward his wife. When he reached home to have his wife see him, Calandrino figured she caused the heliotrope to quit working. The only person to tell him the truth, the wife received a beating for her effort. She was probably the only individual who actually cared for Calandrino enough make plans to make him foolish. She was not above chastising him, but did not go out of her way to play a prank on him. Still his trusting nature did not include his wife. This trust issue was a big part of his downfall. The second reason for

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